Park & VR

1830 N. Lakeshore Drive

Ludington, MI 49431


Our fight against Germs/Viruses

By design, our Park and Virtual Reality Arcade already feature elements that combat germs:

  • Our park is OUTDOORS - open air, UV rays from sunshine and warm weather all promote germ killing
  • Our park's large 11,000+ square foot layout & variety of inflatables allow for families to spread out and enjoy play time without standing in long lines or crowding
  • Our VR Arcade only holds four game players at a time. Each play area is an 8' x 8' space, which already exceeds social-distancing guidelines
  • Our VR Arcade is vented and air-circulated

To further lower the risk of germ exposure, we routinely clean & disinfect all our equipment as follows:

  • All inflatables, benches, tables and other surfaces within the park grounds are cleaned & disinfected daily with EPA-approved cleaners proven to kill viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)
  • The Port-A-Jon even gets wiped down daily!
  • All VR equipment and accessories are disinfected between each use
  • This season, as an added measure, we have handheld UV sanitizers that our staff will be using on all our surfaces throughout the day as well

And as always, Hand sanitizer dispensers and wipes are available for our customers!!